Injury Rehab

Injuries affect your muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and vertebrae. Rest and medical attention help you heal in the short term, yet many people require rehab o minimize the risk of re-injury and chronic symptoms. At Prough Chiropractic in McMurray, PA, Dr. Richard Prough offers chiropractic injury rehab therapies.

What is Injury Rehab?

Your injury rehab treatment plan may include a combination of chiropractic treatments. The overall goal is to promote healing in your body, improve mobility, and minimize excessive scar tissue. Injury rehab with Dr. Prough begins with a thorough examination and review of your medical history. He then recommends treatments that enhance the healing process to restore function quickly and effectively.

How Does Injury Rehab Help?

Rehab after an injury serves many roles in your overall healing process. First, chiropractic care after an injury ensures that your spine and joints stay aligned. Second, chiropractic techniques are known to reduce inflammation and improve blood flow. As a result, you have less discomfort and the tissues heal faster.

Injury Rehab Treatments

Dr. Prough offers several types of chiropractic therapies that benefit people who are recovering from injuries to their backs, necks, shoulders, legs, and hips. In most cases, a series of treatments are needed over the first one to two months, and then you may only need maintenance treatments every two to four weeks. Some of the most common injury rehab therapies include electrical stimulation, spinal adjustments, therapeutic ultrasound, and cold laser.

Custom Orthotics and Injuries

Custom orthotics are medical devices that improve foot support. Problems with your arches or gait may result in injuries from stumbling, falling, and limping. If Dr. Prough determines that your injuries are related to issues with your feet or legs, he may recommend custom orthotics as part of your recovery and preventive plan in the future.

Learn More About Injury Rehab

If you are recovering from an injury, chiropractic injury rehab may help. Learn more about chiropractic treatments at Prough Chiropractic in McMurray, PA. Call us at (724) 731-0210 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Prough.

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