Custom Foot Orthotics

Every year, millions of Americans experience foot-related issues. If you live or work in or near McMurray, PA, Dr. Richard Prough of Prough Chiropractic offers noninvasive chiropractic techniques, including custom foot orthotics, to address foot conditions and promote proper biomechanics and alignment.

Can Orthotics Improve Your Foot Health?

One of the most effective methods of managing common foot ailments is the use of orthotics – a.k.a. shoe inserts, nifty devices designed to support and cushion your foot, providing improved foot function.

Orthotics, which are available with over-the-counter or custom-made options, can help to enhance your foot health because they effectively address common foot alignment issues -  

  • Overpronation – which is when your foot rolls inwardly.  
  • Supination – which is when your foot rolls outwardly.

Custom foot orthotics – which have been properly fitted to your foot, offer cushioning, arch support, and stabilization. The result is improved comfort, a reduction in your risk of injuries, and a likely improved overall quality of life.

Custom foot orthotics offer these benefits -

  • Comfort – the primary objective of wearing orthotics is that they are designed to make shoes more comfortable. This is typically accomplished by redistributing your weight across your foot, which reduces pressure in target locations. Orthotics can be especially helpful in situations where you stand for extended periods.  
  • Relieves Pain – pain from the following medical conditions can be managed with the use of orthotics-
    • Achilles Tendonitis
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Bunions, among others.
  • Improves Biomechanics - Custom foot orthotics can address gait/alignment issues caused by foot dysfunction. This improved alignment can help reduce strain on the lower limbs and lower back. 
  • Reduces Foot Deformity Risk - orthotics may slow a bunion or hammertoe’s progression.
  • Manages Diabetes-Related Foot Issues – People with diabetes can lessen their risk of foot problems (i.e., foot ulcers) by using custom foot orthotics.  
  • Addresses Flat Feet/High Arches - the support and stability provided by custom foot orthotics can reduce pain caused by these conditions.
  • Helps in Post-Injury/Post-Surgery Recovery – Orthotics, with their ability to restore normal foot function, can be involved in the rehabilitation process.
  • Supports Foot Health for Athletes – using custom inserts can enhance athletic performance and reduce injury risk.

Note that over-the-counter orthotics offer some benefits; however, custom foot orthotics – those that are prescribed for your specific foot and foot issue, offer a customized and comprehensive solution.

Are you experiencing foot pain or discomfort or have an acute or chronic foot issue? Contact Dr. Prough or a member of the Prough Chiropractic staff at 724-731-0210 or online.

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